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Type Approval for my 110 CSW 1994 300Tdi ??? Anyone ?

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I think they are generic and according to what I've been told its really expensive. We are talking £1000 or something so i've been told !!!

I've obviously not called them yet but somebody must have it....surely.

Its bad enough its RHD as so we might have to ship to Mexico and if not then the USA and then we need type approval.

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Would homologation papers do ?

The vehicle would have to be exactly as the papers say. It's a long time since I waded through things like that.

They are supplied by the FIA through the ASN of the country you live in. For England that means the RAC MSA.

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Speak to TJ Nicholson (TJN) he is shipping his 130 to the states for a six month adventure in a couple of months time so am sure will have sorted out the bits he needs.


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