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LED lights front and rear


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Updated all of the lights on my 90 for LED....

On the rear I put on Le Perei 95mm LED units that match the existing fog and reverse lamps. These are the same lights used on latest Defender special editions like x-tech etc. I sourced mine from Dun Bri...


I went for 2 stop/tail, 2 Indicators and a fog, total £157+ VAT and delivery so about £190. I didn't go for the LED reverse light as its about £75+ VAT, but you could go for this too. So, if you went for reverse too, it would be about £270 shipped. When I ordered, some of the versions with wire tails were not in stock, so I ordered the superseal ones throughout.

For the plinths, I went for Genuine Land Rover ones that have the benefit that they scew into the existing holes. They are part no. LR009773 and cost about £4 each from paddocks...


As you can see in above pic, I made up some adapter harnesses to go from standard econoseal connectors to superseal. I bought the correct tyco econoseal/superseal crimping tool along with 2-way and 3-way connectors of each type from www.polevolt.co.uk cost was about £77...


Cost would only be about £20 if you already had the crimp tool and bought the LED lights with wire tails, as you would then just need 3of 2-way and 2of 3-way econoseal connectors.

For the reverse I went for putting in a compatible CREE LED bulb for £15...


For the front I went for bolt on bits indicators that look like stock lights and cost £16 each. For the sidelights I put in 270 LED bulbs £12 delivered...


For the indicators, you'll also need an LED flasher relay. I bought the one from Mobilecentre for £19 delivered...


So here they are all fitted...


and rear...


And pics of them lit...





Reverse and fog lit...


Some close ups...





So I'm very happy with how they have turned out. You can try to justify expense, about £300, on longevity, robustness of LED's and the fact that you won't drain the battery so quickly if you accidentally leave the lights, but realistically you've got to like and want the look of them to justify expense and effort over the standard lamps.



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I have just upgraded mine but went for the original looking LED's from BoB I have yet to fit them but they do look fairly good quality.


Yes they do and seem to be good so far. They work out a lot less too, at about £120-130 for a full set. I just like look of matching NAS type lights on rear.



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how much difference if the light brightness between the stop and tail on the "BOB" one as I once tried some from china and could hardly see the difference...?

I don't know yet as they are still in the box, I may get time to fit them tomorrow.


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similar to yours, i also went to bolt on bits. and i got these. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-RDX-LUX-LED-REAR-NAS-Lights-kit-Easyfit-Plinths-Relay-Defender-1994-onwards-/230744568624?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35b972b330

quite a price i know, but they had good reviews and i like them. :D

PS, i love your 90, what wheel and shoes are fitted to it?

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Is that your 'old' Td5 90 Steve? Brushed up nicely!
Yes it is, same 90, thanks
PS, i love your 90, what wheel and shoes are fitted to it?

Thanks, alloys are genuine LR SVX 5 spoke and the tyres are Kumho Road Venture MT's...




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