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Battery and starter kits


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i need to get a new battery for my Ex-MOD defender 90 as the winter starts are causing a few problems + the battery has never been very good.

Obviously i could get a standard battery for not a lot but does anyone have recommendations on more expensive but far superior battery?

also, thinking of keeping a starter kit in the Landy, something like the StartMonkey 400......anyone got any experience with this or other starter kits to keep in back?


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I just had a Numax 017 fail on my 110 ffr in the recent snow - impatience drove me to Halfords and I ended up getting a huge Bosch Silver - biggest they had - can't believe the difference Not a battery expert but the spec quotes a CCA of 700 +/- IIRC ( even on the Halfords flippy guide)- I don't think that would have tickled my 2.5NA!

Thinking of getting another for dual system - but currently trying to get some oil back into my rear diff - seems to have a bullet hole in it and no oil!

Good luck.

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