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Where Does The Starter Solenoid Wire Go?


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Following yesterday's debacle with the alarm ECU on my '97 D1 300 Tdi (two-button fob), I've got it going again (don't really know what the problem was), but in order to avoid it happening again, I'm trying to install some bypass wiring. The need for this is simple - I do a lot of late night pest control on and around Exmoor, and the last thing I want is to find that the alarm has disabled my truck again when I'm miles from anywhere.

I've managed to hack the wiring on the fuel solenoid - mine's the model with the 3 wires and the armoured shield held in by tamper-proof screws. Fortunately the latter were no match for my monster 240v 22,000rpm die grinder (I call it my 'Get out of jail free card'), so I was able to get them out without removing the fuel pump.

I'd now like to trace the starter solenoid wire so that I can bypass that part of the alarm ECU - the problem is that it disappears somewhere behind the engine, but I don't know where it reappears. I'd therefore be most grateful if someone would be kind enough to let me know where to look for it!

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On a public forum you expect people to tell you how to bypass an alarm?

Anyone who simply wanted to hot wire a vehicle would just run a cable direct to the starter - that is, if they'd also managed to bypass the other immobiliser features. I want to fit an emergency spur-wire so that I can get home if have a problem out in the boondocks in the dead of night. Bear in mind that at such times I have firearms with me, so I can hardly abandon the truck and hitch a lift home...

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