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Top gear land rover episode


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Does anyone remember the top gear, from the original series, where they were on a shoot or something testing some modern 4x4's, none of them got up a wet slope then an old series motor came along a drove up it? Been looking on YouTube but can't find it

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No it was years ago, 90's I'd imagine.

All I can remember is these 4x4's struggling to get up this wet slope in some woods, and the presenter says something like "this is why they all drive old land rovers" (referring to game keepers I think), then up comes this series 2 I think, with the national anthem playing or that's how I remember it.

I've got it on video somewhere, will have to have a look sometime

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I have no idea when.

It was IIRC a new Range Rover that couldn't make it up the slope.

Somebody in a Series two I believe did get up the slope.

Please. Put Clarksons comments up so I can read them again.

It was before 2007 as I haven't had a TV since then

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