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newbie, any info please,


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i do not own 1 yet but i'm looking, and hopefully very very soon i will,

looking for advise on anything they say is a common fault like (the rust spots) boot and archies,

thats all i know up to yet, but i keep seeing they have changed the air susspension to spring, is there any reason inperticulor why???

just want to know what to look for and what to stay away from, when i'm looking,

any common fault etc please advise

thank you

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Air suspension was only on the Discovery 2's and beyond, not the Discovery 1's. Is it s Discovery 2 you are getting? The only reason I can think of in changing air to coil is that the air compressor can be an expensive fix if it goes wrong and the bags can leak air too. Fit a spring and all those issues go away.

There are plenty of threads on here about rust and where to find it but rust is probably your biggest problem (on a Discovery 1 anyway). Places I can think of are:

  • Sills
  • Inner wheel arches (front and rear)
  • Battery tray
  • Body mounts
  • Boot floor
  • Door pillars
  • rear body crossmember (just open the rear door and look for holes)
  • Rear chassis crossmember
  • The 'swan neck' bits on the chassis
  • The crossmember area just in front of the rear wheel on the chassis

Also check for:

  • Engine pushing oil out of the oil filler cap
  • Pressurising water system
  • White milky residue under the oil filler cap or in the coolant header tank
  • Snatching going in and out of gears
  • Make sure hi/lo and diff lock work
  • Leaking sun roofs (hard to see but if you have a very rusty boot floor then it is more than likely)
  • Last cam belt change

Expect some oil leakage but check to make sure that the oil isn't fresh in the engine. When I went to see my first one the engine was soaked in oil all over and I checked the dipstick and it was fresh oil. I suspect that it was empty and he quickly filled it and never even ran it. That seemed more than a little didgy to me.

The other option is to take someone with you. There are loads of people on this forum, all of them are great people so I am sure someone will be prepared to go with you to check on out.

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Main reason for going to coils is the uncontrollable fear & panic most LR owners experience when faced with basic electrical problems, the EAS isn't complicated and the compressors are basic devices but people panic & swap them at vast expense when it's actually some other fault, then get the hump & convert to springs.

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Have you bought one yet , 300 TDI`S HAVE BETTER ENGINES THAN 200TDI`S ,but nothing basically wrong with 200 engine . 200/300 bodies rot ,chassis not as bad ,Disccovery td5 bodies fairly good but chassis rot ,but decent engine .I bought a 300tdi Discovery last year to do some `greenlaning etc ` I new NOTHING of Discoveries but SOON found out ,I have had a new rear floor ,rear arches ,drivers inner and outer cill ,inner front wheel arches ,new rear calipers and discs +new pads and complete OILS change ( a must ). The work initially looked daunting and pricey ,but NO ,Land Rover fairs ,Land Rover bootsales /spares days are extremely good and relatively innexpensive, ( rear discs pads pins x2 £50 total )inner outer cill £70 etc .Do not be put off ,you will have a car full of respect and admiration and HEAPS of FUN plus the posing power of the GREEN OVAL . Coachman .

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Posted on your other thread:

I would start with a disco 1 to see how you get on with it, they are much cheaper to buy than the disco 2 so you can get a better maintained car for your money. Do you have somewhere under cover to work on the car? I would also learn how to MIG weld if you can't already as the main problem will be rust, in areas like the boot floor, inner/outer sill.

I would also check the rear door hinges as due to the weight of the wheel on the door they do suffer. They can suffer with overheating due to the rad being pasts its best or viscous fan coupling not working but I would say that if it comes to it the cylinder head gasket is one of the easiest I have ever changed.

As said above, you need to check the transfer box is working as if they are not used they will get very stiff, oil leak can also be a problem. The engines are pretty bullet proof but if abused the gearboxe can be a little crunchy (technical term). Another thing to check is that the heater blower works when the car is hot as it is a long (not overly difficult) job to do as you need to remove the complete dash to get as the matrix, garages will charge a fortune due to the time it takes.

They are easiy cars to work on as they are a simple design with no complicated electrics and lots of space to work.

Once you have purchased one they main thing you will need to do is make sure the engine and other oils are changed regularly ( about every 5K for the engine)

Hope this helps.

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thanks coachman and mark, no not got it yet bin veiw a couple, but they were more spair n repair than something to work with for a newbie, oil leaks completely covered engine lots to do for mot etc, i WILL find 1, not realy fussy if its a disco 1 or 2 i guess just one that ticks the boxes, ( easy enough to get through mot) to use in everyday use, then repair and adjust as i go along learning, wanna try greenlaning, is there place's groups that you can go to learn it, to get used to it, or is it something you just go and find out

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Under the bonnet, passenger side front and, if they're present, the interesting set of rods to make it work are under the rear seats. Locking nut key could be anywhere, glove box - center console - door pockets.

But get a decent trolley jack and chuck the bottle jack.

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Tbh never even tried it, looked at it and decided that its such a dinky little thing that I'd be far better off with something I know I can just stick under the raise the bus in a few pumps.

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thats in my top 5 things to do,had a good 50 mile trip in it to hear the knocks and creeks,

1st things 1st could you please have a look at the photos i've uploaded n tel me if its a disco 1 or a 2,

from what ive bin told about the door handles and lights it looks like a 1 to me, but the guy (trade bloke) says its a 2,

can any 1 tell me for sure, its a 95

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