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A plea for help with brakes...

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Hi all,

I'm in real need of some inspiration as to what is wrong with the brakes on my 300. It's an ES with ABS.

I would consider myself a competent mechanic but this is beating me so calling for help!

Symptoms are rubbish brakes, too much travel in the pedal and it's soft and spongy.

Things I have dons so far:

All calipers re-built in the last 12 months.

All new pads.

New rear discs.

New Master Cylinder.

New Braided Brake Lines.

Bled about a million times (there is definatly no air in the system.)

I have gone round sealing the vacume hose (its a little old) from the pump to servo with silicone/tape. This made a difference but still not as it should be.

This leaves me with servo fault or vacume pump fault I think?

What would people suggest as more likely? Do the symptoms fit the diagnosis?

Any help from someone wiser than me would be much appreciated..



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have you tried clamping off the flexi hoses 1 at a time

this will tell you where the problem is in most cases and as for your vacuum

take your pipe off the servo and put your finger over the end whilst it is running

and it should vacuum to your finger telling you if the pump is duff or not

if it sucks to your finger then it is your servo

hth brian

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When I had really poor brake performance it was the servo that needed replacing.

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