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I was looking yesterday at prices and specs of Viair onboard compressors. The plan was to buy in US and bring back as they are about half the price there as here. I also wanted a tank and fittings and as tanks are a bit bulky I thought I'd check price in UK to see how much they were and if not too high I would buy the tank in UK.

So I looked on Matt Savage and while looking at tanks also looked at compressors and kits (mainly to see how much could be save so I could feel smug ;):rolleyes::rolleyes: ) - it was then that I noticed that the kit I would want was a lot less in comparison to the prices of the other two lower spec kits and only about 30 pounds more than I could buy from US. So I didn't mess around and clicked buy etc etc and half expected an e-mail saying that they had made an error and price was wrong. I ordered one of these..


Constant Duty Onboard Kit

Ref: 10007

1) 2.5 Gallon Viair Air Tank

(1) 450C model Viair Air Compressor

(1) 35ft. Coil Hose

(1) 1/4" Quick Connect Stud (F)

(1) 1/4" NPT Quick Connect Coupler (F)

(1) Dash Panel Gauge with ON/OFF Switch

(1) Pressure Switch with Relay (110 PSI on, 150 PSI off)

(1) Reducer (1/8" NPT F to 1/4" NPT M)

(1) 1/4" NPT 175 PSI Safety Valve

(1) 1/4" Drain Cock

(3) 1/4" NPT Compression Fittings

(1) 4-inch Strip of Continuous Grommet Material

(1) 20ft. 12 Gauge Wire with Inline Fuse Holder

450C Tire Inflation Rates

Begin/End PSI 31" X 10.5"

0 To 30 PSI 4 Min. 05 Sec.

15 To 30 PSI 2 Min. 10 Sec.

Begin/End PSI 33" X 12.5"

0 To 30 PSI 5 Min. 30 Sec.

15 To 30 PSI 2 Min. 50 Sec.

Begin/End PSI 35" X 12.5"

0 To 30 PSI 6 Min. 55 Sec.

15 To 30 PSI 3 Min. 30 Sec.

Only to receive an email about 2 hours later that order had been shipped! :) Unlike BishBosh, I didn't need it next day but it has just arrived - typical couriers :rolleyes: and yes it's all there and correct - result! :):)


So if anyone was thinking of buying one soon I'd have a look on matt savage's site. Now I get fun of fitting it. :)


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the figures seem some what odd that the higher spec one takes longer to infalate the same size tyre.

is the compressor the 450c model?

Yes reason for that is that it's a 100% duty cycle so flow rate is slightly less than 33% duty cycle 400C model.

To fill 2.5G tank 400C takes 1m 27 secs, the 450C 1m 55 secs so not a big difference. With the tank I could have easily got away with ordering less expensive 400C and probably would have from US - but as it was 80 pounds cheaper I went for 100% one ;);)

Steve :)

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Guest diesel_jim

I second Matt Savage, i've always had good friendly service from him*, and chatting to him at billing he's a good sound chappie..

* added coz i just won a brand new pair of 110 read discs from him on eblag for £3.20!! :D

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