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LT77 Extension

Mo Murphy

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Neither have I but some on here might. Couldn't recall the size but was thinking using a sump plug as a replacement but that doesn't sound like an option.

Sounds like a bodge but could you smear some Quickmetal (sp) or similar two pack plastic metal stuff on the missing threads and retap them or even use the old plug to form the threads while the plastic metal is still soft?

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i would suggest the instant metal stuff as well, it does work OK.

Apply so releasing agent to your drain plug, then add the two part 'metal' mix to it. screw it in. allow to set then remove drain plug - all in theory anyway. i have used it once successfully on a motorcycle drain plug.

or try these guys for taps etc:


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ive got a feeling that you cant move the drainplug on the LT77 extentsion case. i think its got the filter behind it. now if i walk over to my bookcase & pick up this little box i can give you the part number of a replacement plug - 90571104. why i keep a knackered one on my bookcase i have no idea, suggestions please? it does make a good paperweight though.

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