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Anyone used neoprene air intake hose?


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The stuff I've used is a 'Thermoplastic, rubber coated polyester fabric'

Temp rated for up to 150*, ozone, acid and solvent resistant and is a proper suction hose with a wire coil through it.

It was cheap as chips for 2m nine years ago direct from the manufacturer, who makes industrial ducting.

It has lasted all those years in the Deefer engine bay without failure.

The car parts places wanted a small fortune for duct, so do what I did and google for 'industrial ducting suppliers'. I'm half a world away so it's pretty useless me giving you the details of the company I used. :D

FWIW the stuff I used is 82mm ID.

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I found this if you look half way down the page at Engine air intake ducting It calls it tpr ducting, not sur what that stands for


Looks like the same stuff.



I used it to replace the terribly undersized inlect duct between the snorkel and air cleaner.

I cut the restrictive outlet of the Safari snorkel off too.

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