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Lpg Generator

Guilford Dave

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Anybody any suggestions.

Onan 5 KVA LPG Generator. Gas only no petrol. Will only start if the air supply is cut completely. Once running is fine and will run happily all day. While warm will re start no problem but once cold will turn over all day on the starter but not fire untill you manually choke it.

Have done all the usual plugs, leads, checked the inhibitors Cleaned the gas regulator.etc Anybody know how the coldstart on LPG works


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What sort of regulator does it have?

A friend of mine has a little genny that runs off gas bottles. There is a large regulator that mounts on top of the bottle, and in the middle is a little spring-loaded push button. If you press this it depresses the diaphragm manually to let a charge of gas in to help start it.

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Dave, it may have a delay relay in the system. For cold starts turn the ignition to the on position and wait a couple of seconds(you may hear a click after a few seconds). turn the key off again and repeat.

You may have to do this 2 or three times to prime the inlet tract with gas before turning the engine over on the starter.

If it doesn't have a delay relay, this won't make any difference though.

Hope this helps,

Regards, Diff

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