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Stub axles en other axle info


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Hi all,

I have two old axles laying around and I was looking into getting these axles ready to use under my project Defender. But since these axles are stripped and are currently withouth stub-axles or anything, I was doing some research on the options I have. I found out there are multiple ways to go, since there are more than one type of swivel-housing/stub-axle/wheel-hub (and bearings etc).

Now...what I am planing on doing is to get a complete PDF document with pictures with the different configurations on the whole axle story. So basicly: this type of axle, with this type of half-shaft, swivel, stub and hub, these bearings and seals. And offcourse the disc/drum brake chapter could be added.

Now I know that there are four types of axle casings: rover front, rover rear and salisbury rear (I will skip the rare salisbury front axle, maybe later).

I also know that there are a couple of half-shaft configurations, all are 455mm and 835mm:

Front 10/23 splines

Front 10/33 splines

Front 24/23 splines

Front 24/33 splines

Rear Rover Old type (thick solid flange) 10/24 splines (700mm/967mm)

Rear Rover New type (thin solid flange) 24/24 splines (684mm/950mm)

Rear Salis Old type 24/24 splines (660mm/978mm)

Rear Salis New type 24/24 splines (638mm/959mm)

Now, for the inner swivel-house, outer swivel-house, stub-axles and wheelhubs I know there are several options, but I dont know what goes where and what these do in sizes. I know that there are several sub-axles with different lengths, but how does this affect the trackwith etc? Than there are the non-abs and ones with abs types...

For example:

- Do all rear-axle casings have the same width? Measured from the point where the stub-axle would be mounted.

- Is the width on the front, measured from the point where the stub axle would be mounted on the swivel-house, on all types the same? Or is this different and is this difference fixed by a different size of wheelhub?

- Does any of the stub-axle types fit any axle casing?

- Is the with of the different types of inner swivel housings different, or are they basicly the same and are the only differences in the bearings?

Hope to get some feedback on this, so please fill me in on anything that you think is wrong. I think a well formed PDF document could help a lot of us. :)

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