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90/110 rear interior light mounting plate fit

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rear interior light [picture below] has been glowing dimly with the switch in the centre position [door switch operation] the door switch itself has been replaced in the last 2 weeks & works fine, the light works fine too.

I know the light has 12v permanent feed & the earth path is switched on/off by the door switch.

how is the metal mounting plate fitted to the roof,

is it screwed through or too the headliner ? or screwed direct to the roof itself is there any insulation to stop it earthing & making the light come on ?

I'm not sure mine is fitted correctly.


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It has been a while since I did my one but from what I remember it is just fitted to the headliner with two nuts. I remember there being a spade connection on the back plate but can not remember if that was for the earth or live.

Sorry not much help really.

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If you've got the negative earth switched light whatever is used to fix it to the roof needs to be insulated, I modified the original 86 steel fitting light and glass to work on a negative earth switchover, i had to get creative with some shrink wrap and some nylon washers.


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