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Defender Axle torque figures


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Hi guys,

There is something I cant get my head around...

Ashcroft claims that the normal 24/32 splines front half-shafts have a breaking point of around 3700lb ft, which is about 5000Nm according to this http://www.convertunits.com/from/ft+lb/to/N+m converter.

When we take a normal 300tdi, it has a max torque of 265Nm. Now when we multiply that by 5.08 (first gear), times 3.3 (low gearing), times 3.54 (diff gearing), we get a max torque output of around 14000Nm.

So the stock half shafts can be broken pretty easy in low gear, but when we calculate the output in high gearing, it is only 6600Nm. So it is much harder to break the shaft.

Now when we take the ashcroft axle, which has a breakingpoint of over 8400Nm, it should be virtual unbreakable in high gearing.

Are these calculations correct, or am I missing something here? :)


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