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Hydraulic Superwinch H14


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Hi Folks,

I am looking at a second Hand superwinch H14w that i want to buy and convert to hydraulic, I can get all the bits from PG, but wondered if some one could give me the specs of the hydraulic motor on the Hydraulic H14 as I have a mate in the hydraulics business who can hopefully get me a good deal on the motor.

Thanks for any help you can offer


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You can get the bits from PG ?

Really ?

Do you know the bits you need as I am supplying PG with some bits for a Hyd set up and he says he can't get Hyd bits

Theres a load of special parts you neeed the pump and the motor are the least difficult to get, what have you got so far ?

You''ll need

Tabk, spool block .....and spool valve if you are looking for full kit,

and winch PTO assembly plus PTO pump and Winch motor and then shaft from motor to H14 as starters ???


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Right there is some confusion here,

I am looking at buying the complete PTO winch andbumper from a club member, Phil at Pg has told ne he can supplt the adapter for the winch to take a HYD motor, he lists the motor on his site, I just wanted the specs of the motor so I could get my mate to source one.

Hybrid I hear what you are saying but I've already got a 130 with PTO pump large tank twin spool valves etc etc and a hydraulic engineeer to hand, I just wanted to convert this winch as I was hoping it would be cheaper than buying a new Hydrauliuc H14.

Les I'd be interested to know what you want for yours incase this deal falls through..

So can any one give me motor specs?

Many thanks


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