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Discovery 1 tyre size ( `t`bag )


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Thank you teabag ( I lurv that name )for your info re tyres ,you say tyres are /should be 235/70/16 what is the rolling circumfrence ? .

My tyres are 205/80/16 with a rolling circumference of 92" ,I have a sneeky suspicion that the car may be over geared giving me a` slower than normal ` set off speed and a poor pick up speed .I have had the car up to 70 mph ,which frankly is fast enough .

ALTHOUGH WEIGHING IN AT ALMOST 2 TONS ,I find my car quite igile and is square and compact compaired to a td5 Discovery .The `large` tyres set its stance of nicely and I have noticed `it does look a bit different ` to other Discoveries of that type .Possibly to its tyres ( which were on when bought .

Coachman .

( now going to set carbs up on m/bike )

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I dont pretend to understand the gearing etc but i have had 4 different tyre sizes on my disco as follows :- 205/80/16 road tyres when i bought it. It could achive 75-80 comfortably on these but was very slow to pick up. I replaced those with a set of 235/70/16 mud tyres and apart from increased road noise i found no difference in the acceleration or comfortable cruising speed. These were replaced by 235/85/16 all terrains and then i found it was noticeably faster to accelerate but 80 was a struggle. I now also have a set of mud terrains in 265/75/16 flavour and these perform much the same as the all terrains in terms of acceleration and comfortable cruising.


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The first two are the same gearing and the last two are the same gearing. The taller tyres (the last two) are over-gearing a Discovery in 5th hence you are struggling at the higher speeds. I'm surprised you think it was faster accelerating though, smaller dia tyres normally favour acceleration.

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