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Electrical Issues

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Any pointers anyone can offer on the following would be much appreciated. Last week my rear wiper intermittently decided to start working even when it was switched off, then the rear demister joined in. Both are now permanently on. Spent Saturday checking connections, removing & taking apart wiper motor. Got it all back together and the wiper seemed to behave itself, demister stayed off for a little while then the warning light came on again. Driving home from the curryhouse this evening and the rear wiper started off again, now the indicators have joined the party too - RH indicators permanently on. Indicator and demist warning lights flicker occasionaly which also causes interference on the radio. Electrics always seems like witchcraft to me, not sure whether I should be looking for a bad earth or power from an ignition feed crossing into the faulty circuits. Not sure if it's significant but the rear wiper won't park - hasn't for ages, taking apart and cleaning the motor hasn't made any difference either.

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