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Windscreen wipers - range of movement

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Art'noon all, looking for some help and advice regarding the sweep of the windscreen wipers on a 1995 Defender 110.

When there's not much water on the screen (a light spray, as a for-instance) the wipers seem to struggle slightly to move to the full upright, then usually park slightly off the horizontal. However, when there's plenty of rain on the go, their travel increases substantially. The offside wiper especially (it's a RHD 110) manages to exceed the upright position and head past the vertical edge of the windscreen then, on the downstroke it will usually clatter into the guttering along the bottom of the windscreen.

Presumably something is worn out and needs either replacing or adjustment but, having gone through the workshop manual and some of the forum posts, I still can't see what it is.

It's not a massive problem, but the clattering noise does jar the nerves a tad and, more to the point, it's wearing out the wipers double-quick time.



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I hade the same problem with mine which is the same age but a 90. The wheel boxes were replaced last year and I found that the spindle crub screw had come loose.

My last crub screws were siezed so I greased these up well which may have not been that good of an idea.

Dont know what happened above as it did not post the text

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Excellent, thanks all.

Looking at the WSM and some of the forum postings, removing/replacing the wiper motor involves quite a bit of vehicle dismantlement. If the job's not been done before (so the handy tricks and methods aren't known, can it reasonably be done in a day would you say, or would the vehicle effectively be off the road overnight for a weekend?

Will begin the search for new wheels.



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Well my '97 110 does this although I've oddly grown fond of it as when its wet I think I get more swipe than a correctly functioning one but that just happens to be the way mine have "worn" I think. When its only just wet it goes out to what looks correct but doesn't return fully down, however when it is wet, it literally goes from window seal to seal.

Anyway with regards to above comments I suspect that its the wheelboxes which are a bit of a fuddle. However it could also be the main gear/crank in the wiper motor as cackshifter said which is a very easy to check. I had to replace the brushes in the wiper motor and "hoped" that it would be the gear/crank but that was OK. You can get these easy (part number DLW000020) but I ended up finding out you can buy the Allmakes PR2 entire motor unit with gears etc for not much more. The drive cable is also easy to withdraw together with the motor so you could check this for wear easily at the same time (the drive cable is essentially guided in tubes around the bend along the inside bulkhead just beneath the windscreen. However the only way to get to the wheelboxes behind the wipers on the inner bulkhead is to pretty much remove all of the front fascia which I didn't go as far as doing. Maybe its not that hard but at the time I had bigger issues and 6 months later I'm sticking......just hope it doesn't fly off in the next massive downpour but I check them and they feel fine and sturdy.

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Changed my wheelboxes by just taking the top off the dash, left one is easy but the drivers side was an absolute ******** to do that way, but it is possible, just!

But since then I've had the same symptoms a couple of times where the grubscrew has come loose, so a little locktite last time should have cured that.

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