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2002 TD5 Utility Gap under Bonnet


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Hi Chaps, Ever since I have had my Landy I can't get over the fact it has an even 3/4 inch gap all the way around the edge of the Bonnet, Is this as standard or is a rubber strip missing ? Also how do you get the little plastic hinge thingies to sit properly so the Bonnet doesn't rattle in the hinge holders.

Any help welcome

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Your gap's an *even* 3/4 inch all the way round?

You don't know you're born! Some of us Defender-owners *dream* of even and consistent gaps in the body-alignment.

Eeee... when I were a lad we had to judge the speed we were travelling at by looking at the road through the gaps in the floor.

[some people dreamed of even having a floor]

And you tell the kids about it these days and they don't believe you.. ..

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The gap on mine alters depending on whether the bonnet catch is working or not. I have invested in some bonnet stays to help with this problem until I can dismantle the whole car and replace the jammed catch when it all goes back together.

My front doors sit proud of the side of the car too. And the rear door hangs at a bit of an angle coz of the weight of the spare wheel bolted to it.

Doesnt affect the airodynamics of the bodywork though!


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Hi Tanuki

Ramblings of Eric Idle and Co, The rest of the landy has misfitting doors and a fierce wind that comes through them, and the same as MeatSlicer the rear door is on the Huh as it gets opened and shut at least twenty times a day and I keep meaning to take the Spare off of it and put it on the bent roof rack.And you where luck you had Sills that the holy floor was wealded to :o

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