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TD5 Exaust collector

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Hi everybody

I own a td5 m.y. 2000 with the engine tuned at 150 hp,it performs very well but when towing a caravan uphill at full power there is a sissing noise probebly from the exaust

collector,the collector is bending at very high temperatures and the gasket can't take it any longer.The noise disapears after 5 minutes when the engine is running in normel conditions (50/60% power output).

I know that Land Rover made a mistake by making the exaust collector (of a 5 cylinder) in one piece.(they made several other faults aswell but thats an other story).

Now my question: Is there a good solution fror this problem?? Or is there an alternative solution on the market somewhere ???

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It could be a snapped stud on the manifold, rather than just gasket failure/warped manifold.

I've seen people cutting out the webbed area of the manifold to allow it to flex more:


Theres also stud upgrades available which let you fit bigger studs to the head.

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Skim it flat, cut out the webbing, replace the studs with new ones, fit new gasket, then refit manifold. Easy job, just the ost of skimming at about £35-40


Sound advice and thats what I would do. Manifolds that have previously warped then been skimmed seem immune to further warping.


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