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Hi all

Need some advice, I've got a 26 year old defender and just had a major electrical fault, I not that good at the electrical side so need some advice, I've changed the fuses, but still no go. The problem is, the reverse light, light bar, working rear lights and inter cooler electrics have stopped working, they were working then just flickered and went dead. The problem I have is the Landy was rebuilt by the previous owner and none of the wires relate to any colour coding on any diagram I can find. I've checked all the light fittings and all the bulbs are working, checked all the fuses, they are working, not to sure if there is a relay on the circuit and which one to look at. Bit brain dead when it comes to this sort of electrical problem. There are four rocker switches on the dashboard, which control all the various elements, light bar, inter cooler fans, rear lights. Any ideas please, I can up load some pics if that would help???

Thank you for any help anyone can offer


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Hi Merlin, welcome to the forum!

Home made electrics and modifications can be a pain in the bottom if not done properly. It sounds like all the "extra" added utilities have been lost.

You say you've changed the fuses so I'm guessing there is an extra Aux fuse box installed or are they "in line" individual fuses?

What I suggest you do is take one circuit, the rear work lights and starting at the battery, trace the whole circuit out, so you need to find where the +ve has been taken from (i.e directly from the battery?) you then have to trace the wireing to see where it all goes too and look for obvious faults...

To me as seen as more than one circuit has failed you've lost a common supply, tracing one circuit should lead you to this...

Do you have a small Volt meter at all? a cheap one with from most DIY shops work well for this kind of problem.

You can also use a test bulb, for testing individual bits of wire. this is simply a wire off the posetive battery terminal hooked up to a bulb, then another wire of the negative on the battery, you can then put the bulb +ve on one end of a wire you;re testing, then put the -ve on the oposite end of the test wire and if the bulb lights then the wire is good... you can test most parts of the circuits this way.

Hope thats of some help.


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