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Done it this time! Someone please help!

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Hi after going in a rather deep puddle on Sunday,I've managed to ruin my 300tdi! The water didn't enter through the inlet's but through the fuel system as a breather pipe had been ripped off! Dohh, I changed the injectors drained the fuel and tried to fire it up,it try's but won't spring into life! A sniff of brake cleaner gets her running but it won't tick over? And sounds very poorly a ticking and a knocking noise. Anyone had a similar experience? And what lead to it been fixed?

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If you got water as far as the FIP you need to get it flushed through asap!!!!!

Corrosion of the internals will render it needing rebuilt!!!!

As said above, drain and change sedimenter, fuel filter and blow it through with a compressor, then bleed it and see what happens, I had to have a new FIP on my Peugeot van not long ago due to water in the fuel causing corrosion, it did the same, ran after bump starting and would not tick over, hence needing to have pump assessed by specialist who determined the cause for failure, drain and flush tank, fit sedimenter for future servicing and prevention purposes!!

Hope this helps.

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Just needs a good flushing, change filter, charge your battery up, crack the injector connectors, pop the glow plugs to stop compression, then turn the engine over for a period of time... then put it all back together and try again, once you can get it started on diesel normally, put a strong mix of redex in and take it for a blast... is what I'd do...


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Done it all fresh fuel,new oils and filters lift pump,injectors and seals still try's to fire but won't a sniff of brake cleaner and lots of revs it's away! Will sit all day at 1700rpm but anything under it stops,also it's very tuned or was! So there used to be lots of black smoke! I can rev it to the hills now without a show of any fumes? Shall I just stick a injector pump on it?

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