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Transfer box quandry?


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I have opted for 235/85X16 tyres on Rusty, but now here is a problem with having too much time to think!!! Taller gearing, yes I know one of the first things to consider but having not actually had the chance to drive this thing more than about 100 feet at crawling speed I am not exactly sure if the 200Tdi is going to perform so well? I always had it in my mind that I would fit them but this is an unfamiliar car and I am told that I will want to scrap it immediately after the first drive if I even try to compare it to the V8 Disco I used to have, 200Tdi manual now and I had a 3.9 V8 auto previously, culture shock I'm told!!

Question is, would I be better to swap my transfer box for that of a Defender?

Or should I consider a rebuild kit with correct gearing to suit the bigger boots?

Ashcroft can and will supply all parts for an "at home" rebuild,but what experience of taller tyres and benefits/down falls are there to the bigger wheels?

So post up your opinions/experiences plz.

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200tdi should easily pull them. My 90 has an lt77, 1.2 tbox, 3.54 diffs and 285/75/16 AT tyres and it goes just fine. Its tweaked a bit but i cant imagine the standard engine would have much of a problem.


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