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Beeping from dash/fuse box

James NZ

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Hi all,

I was cleaning the dust from the dash binnacle and wiped a damp cloth over the left bank of switches when suddenly the car started beeping from the lower dash area. It seems to be coming from the fuse box. The ignition was off at the time. If I turn the key to position 2 it stops beeping and it will start. Disconnect the battery and it stops as well. It beeps when the ignition is off or in position 1.

My car doesn't have an alarm fitted according to the landie agents. In fact due to my drowning it the other week the central lock ecu isn't even fitted at present.

Can anyone help please as I use the car for work.

Thanks, james NZ


Doh! Obviously having a senior moment, its the headlight reminder going off. Time for a coffee...

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That's funny, exactly what I thought it could be! In a previous car, can't remember which one, I was cleaning and knocked the indicator switch, at which point there was a beep, beep, beep tone from somewhere. Took me ages to figure out what I'd done! :blush:

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