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90 won't start after a wet weekend

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During last weekends wet weather I needed to be recovered whilst out and about in my 90.

I know we went through some quite deep puddles on the roads but not really wadding depth, I don't believe.

The 90 kept going till we got to our next destination but wouldn't start again when we came out.

There was nothing from anything, no clicking, no lights, so after some investigation I figured some water had got into the battery compartment

Got recovered to the house and took the battery out to charge up and the components to dry off.

Been out there today to see if I can get it going again and no joy.

I have the following symptoms and any advice on what to do to get it running again would be thankfully received

The battery light comes on when the key is turned to the first stop, as normal.

Turn the key to the starting position and there is a single click and the lights all go out.

I then need to give it a moment before I can get the me reaction. Without that pause I have nothing again.

Having a search around it sounds like the starter has gone, or at least the solenoid but how do I confirm that or at least check to see what else it could be?

This is on a 90 2.5l petrol


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Hi jackmac,

It may well be the case. Once it started the first time with the starter it started again.

The alternator may still be an issue but my initial worries about it being seized up seem to be sorted.

Is there any way to waterproof an alternator?

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I've never hurt an alternator by wading, but I see it could happen. Easy to test now you have it running, just stick a voltmeter on the battery and check that it rises with the engine running, can't remember what it should be but 14.5 volts rings a bell.

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