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TD5 awesome on a budget!

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Really sorry if im asking stuff that has been covered but im new to modifying and changing stuff and have rung major land rover places for advice and now im even more confused. My questions, points, ramblings and directions below if anybody could slap me about and put me right most gratefull.

I own a 2003 (53) TD5 90 csw

So far has been fitted with the decat and centre in stainless steel, backbox hasnt been changed.

Should I do this and what make?

As the shocks and springs are now 9 years old and probs getting tired local garage saying i should change them.

I have choice of britpart supergas, terra firmer heavy duty, cellular dynamics or procomp?

Ive been told i have to keep the standard ride height because i winch boats in and out of water and also tow a heavy german caravan.

Engine has had the EGR full kit fitted to remove. Silicone hose kit fitted. K and N panel filter and a supposedly stage 2 remap. Ive been advised that I probably need to upgrade intercooler and fit a more free flowing manifold that wont warp. Is this the case or is somebody just trying to sell me expensive parts?

Lastly I would like to replace the boost alloys with something bigger and preferably in black, will the 18 and 19 inch disco/range wheels go straight on or will i need to mess about with adapters? Can anybody recommend a wheel tyre combination. Tyres must be all rounders cause i would say 75 percent of my driving is on road but i live in an area that gets snowed in regular as clockwork.

Once again sorry for rambling and apologies if this has all been covered, still finding my feet. mike

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If its a lot of road work I would go terrafirma over britpart or procomp. An inter cooler will give you some gain. If your changing the wheels why not have a winter and summer set? keep the wheels you've got for winter as you will have more choice of tyre and your less likely to damage them with a thicker walled tyre if you skid?

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You also have the choice of Genuine shocks. Given that what's fitted are genuine and have lasted 9 years, I'd be tempted to do the same again. Have they actually failed?

An upgraded intercooler will give you some gain, but it's not essential.

I do get the impression that someone is trying to sell you expensive things.

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Absolutely NO need for an uprated exhaust manifold. Unless your's is warped/leaking or has snapped studs, id leave it well alone.

In regards to the back box, id also leave that alone. Dont see any performance gains coming from replacing it.

I have a deCat and stainless centre pipe on mines, the td5 roar and turbo whine makes girls look at you... :ph34r:

Fitting range rover alloys requires the use of wheel adapters.

Unless your suspension is sagging and bouncy, leave it alone, dont get robbed!!

If it has gone all saggy, replace with Genuine, Terrafirma or Bearmach. DO NOT touch the britpart springs, well known to go saggy fast - no man wants that.

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I'd leave the springs alone but replace the shocks all round: did this on my 2001 Defender a year or so back and the improvement in handling was dramatic, particularly when towing [much less wallowing/snaking when the wheels on one side of the trailer dropped into a pothole and gave it a 'flick' to one side).

What you use depends on how rich you are: I opted for a set of Bilstein gas shocks - not cheap, but we always used to use Bilstein stuff on the old Escort rally-cars and it never let us down. The only other brand I'd really recommend is Koni (again expensive, but bomb-proof): much of the other suspension-stuff promoted in the LR mags is often rather more show than go.

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Hi and welcome.

There is load of advice on here and most of it is good, a lot of people change things on their Land Rovers because they want to not because they have to.

What you want to do is entirely up to you and you bank balance, the options are endless.

If you are using it to tow boats I would set aside some cash to have the chassis waxed as salt will kill it quickly.

Have fun on here and don't buy parts from Britpart they do not last.

BF Goodrich are great tires that hold the road and last. All terrain ones will get you through the snow and also have good road handling. As for size - the bigger you go the worse the gearing will get for towing.

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as said above the possibilities are endless, and alot of it is based purely on personal prefference as to what modifications are made,

i second the BF Goodrich tyre, the A/T ones are a great all round tyre, size isnt a massive issue given what you need your landy for, something in the back of my head is saying some men are pre occupied with size............. :ph34r:

if you did opt for a larger tyre, as said, the gearing will start to detiriorate for towing, you could change the diffs to counteract this.....

thats 1 case of the limitless expense and possibilities.

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He didn't say he wanted bigger tyres... Just bigger 18" wheels.

Personally I think 18" disco 2 alloys are nice and if fitted to a defender (adaptors needed) fill the arches nicely due to the adaptors acting like spacers. Some BG a/t to wrap around them and it'll be mint!

Also, if you want more POWAAAR... A stage 3 map and upgraded intercooler will be the ticket and a turbo boost box thingy. Leave your exhaust and induction system as it is, you've already done what's needed.

Use standard springs unless you want a lift for the "look at me" effect, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to upgrade the shocks. Don't buy cheap gas shocks, they are no better than std Landover items. Bilstein, fox, etc so factor in £90+ per corner or stick with sine new standard ones. New genuine rubber bushes will also improve the handling if they are getting on a bit

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