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recoding rover 75 keys in Aus for Discovery 2


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Bought 2 rover keys for me and a mate who are on one key.

I have a nanocom, but the keys are not seen on rf test.

My normal key is.

The remote boards led lights, so I reckon they are working.

Visually the boards are the same, except for one surface mount inductor or capacitor, cant tell which till i find my magnifying glass..

Anyway, the offending component is getting swapped over from my spare but dodgy key for Willy nilly part swapping, see if it does any good.

Anyone with success with the rover keys to d2? Anywhere in the world....

Thanks RR

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From my experience with the Range Rover P38a, it is not even possible to reprogram a keyfob from another Range Rover, so I would be very surprised if you can make it work with a key from a Rover 75, no matter how similar they seem.

I think you'll have a better chance trying to repair your dodgy keyfob, I did so on mine by replacing a broken switch. Perhaps some components can be salvaged from the Rover keys.


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DII fobs can be happily recoded to a different BCU in another DII, I have done it in the past when I had an Autologic.Never tried doing a Rover 75 to DII though.I've only ever programmed R75 keys with Testbook - a long time ago,rarely see any R75's at all.Do the R75 fobs have the code printed inside like the DII ones ? If they do it would be worth seeking out an Autologic to try on it - it was one of their strong functions,Testbook can only code DII keyfobs with the dual barcodes....

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Ok, to finish this off.

The UK rover 75 keys were not recognised by my aus spec disco 2.

Came back home and reprogrammed one for my dad UK spec td5 disco 2.

They do work for UK rover 75 to UK disco 2.

Total cost was £10 for the r75 key, and £ 5 for a disco 2 key blank and cover.

Pretty pleased really.


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Actually more info,

Mine is a very early australian discovery 2

My friend had a later one and the uk rover key works in his later australian spec car. The rover keys are a cheap way of obtaining a keyfob that works.

The later discovery receiver is marked as 433 mhz, in the wrecker td5 I have.

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