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Odd Swivel Problem


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I suspect this is due to using Britpart swivels. When I was re-building I didn't realize that I should be updating things to the new-style of swivel (with top bearings) so I got the ones as fitted for a 1992 (with bushings). I'm once again having unexplained movement on one side and I'm pretty sure it isn't the wheel bearings as I replaced these recently.

So what happened last year was when I pulled the knuckle I found there was movement in the top bushing housing where it was put into the swivel ball; this was obviously causing wheel wobble. When I replaced the bushing it seemed to go away but I suspect the cause has returned.

I do plan on getting a set of newer swivels at some point but as a temporary fix has anyone come up with anything useful? Fitting with jbweld? Welding the bushing housing to the swivel? I'm leaning towards the 2nd option and then just changing the whole thing out in the spring.

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I made the mistake of not replacing the bottom pin also, got a wobble I couldn't figure out, as the pins seemed good, on closer inspection of the lower pins they were slightly worn which gave a much bigger wobble than I thought possible. replaced the pins and all was well.


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It was actually all new; but the issue was the bushing housing rocking in the swivel. Though I just spent some time looking at things and it's not looking like the same issue. Yes there's a bit of play but it's tiny compared to most of the ones people bring in to get fixed and likely just bearings bedding in.

The actual problem became more apparent when I noticed oil on the lower shock; it looks like the top 2-3" of travel has zero damping... so much for spending more on Koni; they lasted about 80,000KM. I'll just order a couple sets of Terrafirma +2s and fit all 4 fronts this time.

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