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Shock Choice.


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Just discovered my Koni Heavy-Track leaking oil, since I fitted the dual front shock mounts when I built things I think it's time to fit all 4. What I'm wondering is which I should fit. Terrafirma is the easiest/cheapest for me to get so I'd like to go with those. I was looking at some combination of big-bore and pro-sport. Since the outboard shock limits wheel movement a bit I was thinking of fitting the Pro-sport outboard and a Big-Bore inside the spring.

Anyone done something like this and have feedback? This is a 110 with HD springs and 2" lift. I just need to order ASAP since I'm off the road until they arrive (again, though I probably have a set of old shocks in the back I can use if needed if I thought to keep any).

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With the front swaybar fitted a bit of extra damping is needed. My main thought is ... would two different shock rates per side be bad? Should I just get 4 of the Pro-Sport instead of the bigger one for the inside-the coil. If I had bypass dampers available it'd be much easier to decide since I really only want the extra damping for high-speed/rough road durability so some that would only add in the first 50% of the stroke would probably be ideal (the way you set-up piggyback dampers for racing). Right now I'm leaning towards 4 TF120s in the front; then if the rears need replacement go with a set of Expedition Big-Bore there, or do the same 4-damper set-up there, though for that I'd need to get the mounts.

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