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disco scared of water!!


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hi all and congrats on a very helpfull looking site :D a couple of weeks ago i bought my first 4x4,a J reg 3.5 V8 efi disco for a bit of cheap muddy fun, yesterday me and some mates decided to take it up through kielder forrest, all was going well until i hit a puddle at around 25mph, not very deep probably only a couple of inches, caused a bit of a splash then there was a misfire and then nowt :angry: thought i had stalled it so i cranked it over.........nowt..........not even a cough, thought i may hav got the coil wet so i opened the bonnet and the coil was dry as a bone so i checked the dizzy and that was fine too :huh: shut the bonnet and tried it again, the thing only started straight up! is there somekind of cut off sensor on them to sense deep water and cuts the engine out to prevent hydraulicing? (excuse the spelling :lol: ) if there is is there anyway around it? am not exactly planning on trying to cross the channel but surely a big puddle shouldn't bother it? :huh: also a mate has just taken a 4.6 lump out of an R reg range rover and it looks very similar to the engine in my disco, would this be a straight swap for my little 3.5 or will it be more of a hassle than a gain? :blink:

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yep welcome & V8+water=rambler

WD40, silcon grease over the plug leads etc, lots of tricks to try to make V8s work with water in sight. a cloud in the sky is enough to kill some of them.

as for the 4.6 i suspect it'd drop straight in, but ive no idea how much work you'd need to do with wiring/fuel pumps etc to keep the injection system. swopping it to carbs would probably loose most of the gains of the larger engine.

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thought about management but want to keep it on a low budget as i have just bought a house with my girlfreind, plenty of room to mess about with projects as it has quite a large garage plus a large shed/workshop at the back of it all alarmed with the house, was just thinkin of droppin the 4.6 in for a quick power hike but if its goin to mean throwin money at it that i cant afford to at the moment then there's no point, i was told that some people are supercharging the 3.5's and getting around 300bhp with only around 7psi of boost but even then wouldn't i have to go down the route of changing management as anything over atmospheric pressure would just confuse it wouldn't it? :blink:

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I'd have a good look at what you can get off your mate to go with the 4.6 - if you can get your hands on the correct loom, ECU, etc. it could be fairly inexpensive (though a bit of hassle if you've got to start messing around running in new looms). If not, Megasquirt would be the way to go for getting it up and running on a fairly tight budget, but it's still not peanuts.

I'd guess the 4.6 has distributorless ignition? That would solve your ignition problems too. If not, Megasquirt and EDIS ignition is the way to go for a nice waterproof V8 :)

If you can't find the money to fit the 4.6 at the moment, could you get it off your mate and store it? If it's a decent lump, seems a shame to pass up the opportunity?

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