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Should scrap it or try to sell it?


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Hi all

I have a 300Tdi Discovery that I was going to break but time and effort are against me. Basically a handful of bits have been sold or removed and all I really have left is part of the dashboard and most of the interior, the drive train which includes a knackered gearbox and a few other odds and sods. The engine is already being fitted into a 90.

So is it worth anything as a rolling chassis, even though it is more than that? I have the log book in my name and it is currently SORN and it seems a little bit of a waste to scrap it but I just don't think it's worth the effort to break any more off it.

Advice would be greatly received.

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Engine is only going to fetch good money if it can be driven / tersted / heard running

The agro of stripping leaves you with the carcass and bits to get rid of, have you the gear to do that ?

ebay may be a good tester, put a resreve on it - then if not strip it


Engine has already gone and as the gearbox is knackered the rest is not really worth a lot as individual bits. Axles and transfer box are good but again the hassle of removing them to sell is just not worth it. I think ebay is the option.

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Scrap it, make your life easy, I had a lot of stuff even axles etc advertised for more than 6 months and had a lot of calls and folk come looking but not a single taker could hardly give it away!!! Scrapped in the finish and even the 10 spline axles just got scrapped and they were complete and had been advertised for more than 3months.

If you like having your time wasted then ebay, I would just scrap it, a problem in the making trust me!!!

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