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Bloody stupid insurers!


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I phoned Tesco insurance today to find out if our 90's premium would be affected by fitting a snorkel. They said they would not cover the vehicle at all, even when I explained that it has absolutely no effect on performance, handling, visibility or safety, and that LR fit them in the factory on new vehicles if you tick the box on the options list, making it not a modification. They seem to assume that fitting a snorkel means that you intended to do beach landings every weekend. Only specialist insurers were interested, but because the car is only three years old, it can't go on a classic policy. SO, the cheapest quote I could get was Flux, who already cover my 109 and RRC, who wanted £505. The Tesco premium is only £337, and there were a few cheaper than that, though I was too wary to use the unknown brands. It's incredibly frustrating that the main insurers can't see the logic that a snorkel does not constitute a mod because it's a factory option, and that it should have no effect on the policy because it has no affect on vehicle risk. Morons! I'm hoping that NFU come back with something sensible tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to sell the snorkel we bought on unused. At least I hadn't started fitting it.

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They are cheap beacuse they only ever deal with "standard" vehicles. I have also heard of one company that refused insurance on a car after they had a towbar fitted as it wasn't part of the original build!

Van insurance is just as bad. On my "Dog Van" (a LDV 3.5T LWB) I changed my side door from unglazed to glazed (both were LDV doors). My insurance was nullified after I'd told them and it took me a lot of grief to get it re-insured. I was also asked if I had the door fitted by a professional and if not I would need to get a mechanics report!

I didn't tell them that a month previously I'd replaced the calipers, discs, pads and hoses on the front wheels - but then that's not an issue, you can mess with the braking system as much as you like, you don't ned to be qualified and as long as they are compatible parts they don't seem to care!




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Tell them it's a raised air intake to reduce the amount of dust sucked into the engine.....

Told them that, and even stressed that it's for cosmetic purposes and that the 90 would not be used off road anyway - still not interested!

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Trouble with insurers is that they have to please the underwriters. You need someone with some imagination... NFU are supposed to be good, as are the Co-op. At least you can speak to someone real.

I'm going to try the NFU next month & see how I get on!



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No doubt about it NFU are good, build a relationship with your local office and they are even better BUT their premiums have risen steadily in recent years especially since they have tried to market themselves as a general public insurer rather than an insurer of things agricultural.

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I spoke to NFU today about laid up insurance for my 90 but they were not interested - even when I said I would also need to insure my Disco.

And I had a great conversation with my current insurers when I asked about change of vehicle from the 90 to the Disco - they asked if it was modified and I said not to my knowledge, they then asked if it had alloys and I said yes, were they factory fit or extras. I said as far as I knew they were from the factory but it is a 20 year old Discovery that I have owned for 1 month, but the alloys are Land Rover genuine Tornados as fitted to Discoveries of that age.

Them - we need to know for sure, go to a Land Rover dealer and ask them.

me - eh?? but the alloys are Land Rover genuine Tornados as fitted to Discoveries of that age, with standard tyres

Them - but we need to know how it came out the factory. How much are the alloys worth?

me - about £50

Them - but what is the replacement value.

me - no idea, they are 20 years old and as far as I know no longer manufactured new

Them - if you had a claim we would only use new parts so we need to know.

me - Good bye!

Phoned Flux - no problem sir, that will be £200 for 3rd party F&T and that included legal cover and Off Road cover.

I still think that is a bit much for a 20 year old Discovery but that seems to be the way of the world these days - Ambulance chasers and whiplash victims driving everyone's insurance up.

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I had exactly the same problem with Direct Line. I was just about to start fitting my snorkel but thought I had better check with the insurance company first, after I had finally explained to them what a raised air intake was, they wanted an extra £75 for the remaining 6 months of my policy. I gave Sureterm a ring and they covered the snorkel no problem and were £15 cheaper than I was already paying with Direct Line. They also said that I could fit different wheels, rock sliders, a swing away wheel carrier and a winch without affecting my policy, I just have to let them know and pay the £25 mid term adjustment fee. I think I just scraped into a classic policy though as my Defender is 18 years old.


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I had an insurer try to tell me I wasn't covered if I went "green laning" it was even in there policy document, he underwriters finally agreed in writing that it wasn't legally enforceable when I contacted the ombudsmen as a, "green lane" is a highway.

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I had an insurer try to tell me I wasn't covered if I went "green laning" it was even in there policy document, he underwriters finally agreed in writing that it wasn't legally enforceable when I contacted the ombudsmen as a, "green lane" is a highway.

That's a brilliant point that I hadn't thought of, so when an insurer says you are covered for green laning it's just clever marketing.

I take it the view is that saying you can't use a green lane would be the same as saying you couldn't use other types of road e.g not allowing motorway use etc.

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  • I use Flux for the other vehicles and they were the cheapest of those who'd accept the snorkel at £505. All the others suggested above were dearer, with NFU asking a bit over £660. I'd understand if it was an engine, suspension or structural change, but a little plastic air pipe? So, the snorkel can't be fitted - it's just not worth another £160 a year on insurance, unless someone offers me £150 for it (a little less than the new price, but would allow me to get the heated screen for the 109 which Flux let me do anything with with no further premium increases). We'll keep it in its box in the garage rafters and if we get a reasonable quote come renewal time from someone who'll accept it, then it can be fitted at that point. It is frustrating, though - Helena really likes the looks with a Safari snorkel, and I bought it for her for Christmas...

I like Nige's comment, but you know how humourless these companies are - they'd probably void my policy if I took the pee out of them like that! :)

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Like a lot of people here I'd recommend the Co-Op or NFU, I've found the NFU a bit pricey but they'll be used to insuring all sorts of Land Rovers and I'm currently with the Co-Op and still one of the cheapest around after 3 years. One thing with the Co-op is if you also join their membership scheme you can get paid dividends twice a year depending on how much money you spend with them in the year

Frankly I wouldn't give Tesco's the time of day...I always feel soiled and degraded when I've been forced to use the local Tesco Express so I'm certainly not giving them money for insurance every month. As they are bent on world domination I'm suprised their logo isn't a man in a swivel seat stroking a white cat!!!

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I have stuck with Academy for years and years, they took over snowball, and I was with them since gawd knows when

I was stupid and went for a year with Frank Pickles, who at the last min on renewal "did a market exit"£ so I went back to Scott at

academy in Staines who laughed and took me back. I did between exiting pickles and re entering Acadamy make a few calls, saying "4.5 v8"

got me

"Rover never ever made one - your wrong"

"I don't have a drop down box for a 4.5"

"Is that a petrol or diesel"

"Is that cos is been rebored ?" (I think I laughed)

"I have 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 which would you like me to chose"

and my favourite

"Is that a factory special option ?"

Flux - 30 mins and useless - seems depends which monkey you get to answer - I got the trainee without a brain but lots of attitude

most other say "We loved Modified" but don't know a Snorkel from a Dildo

I stick with academy when I phoned and said "new engine" scott was fine till I said "5.2 JED" then he sniggered and said

I need to spoeak to the specialists - sorted in 45 mins, they know there stuff. I have EVERY mod covered and listed, thats worth

ther premium, which isn't too bad, but I am not looking elsewhere as the insurance world seems to employ people that would give

idiots and morons a bad name

I would and have recomended Frank Pickles, but they are in and out of markets, So, Academy is my recomendation, and with a 1 yr absense

to FP and a change of name they have insured me with all sorts of odd ball stuff for near 20 years - the bonus is for me Scott at Staines who is

so easy to deal with as he understands the mods

Pickles can go and pickle themselves and flux can er "Go away" :D


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In the interest of experience and no I don't work for them I have used A-Plan brokers for years firstly with my MG as I wanted to mod it and was fed up with explaining to insurance companies what x and y was. (Recommended by MG group:)

Never had a claim with them but I now have my Discovey with them too and they were much cheaper for me on that also.

When I got my ex MOD 110 defender last year I shopped around then went back to A-Plan and was delighted to be put though to a young lady ( Gemma i believe at Bletchley branch) who deals a lot with farmers and actually knew what a snorkel was and knew it was not going to increase my 110s 2.5NA 0-60 from 2 to 1 hour ;)

Benches in back no prob as supplied etc etc. £225 FC. ( I am over 40 and its parked on the street in a city.)

Best thing for me is they deal with any claim for you ( fingers crossed i dont need it) so no web sites and they are people to talk to not a call centre - and this lady knows her Landy's.

She was setting up a new Landy dept. I believe hence her knowing a lot and seemed genuinely interested in my new toy! Few friends have had a good experience too.

That's my 2p worth.

Good luck

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My only experience of Tesco Insurance was back in 1998. They were the only company that would insure a grey import Mitsibushi Delica. The stupid thing was, I was flatly turned down by Direct Line but when I got the paperwork through from Tesco the underwriters were Direct Line. I think most insurance companies must have their headquarters in Sherwood Forest, Just ask for Robin on the way in.

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