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Volvo C202 build

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This is something we found a few years ago and has nearly reached the front of the queue for a space in the workshop.

C202 wiki page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_L3314

It's hoped that it'll end up a very capable, daily-able little work truck that will make a nice support truck.

As well as being usefull for carting car bits around and taking rubbish to the tip and such.

The plan is;

Stretch the wheelbase somewhere over 100",

300tdi, zf autobox and lt230

straight rear drive pto to rear mounted h14 mech winch, spooling front and rear.

toyota landcruiser 80 series axles

Dropside/tipper back body

building for 35/37's

Not sure whether to stay with leaf springs or go to link suspension with air bags.

As we found it.

Original B20 petrol in place, no gearbox, series 2a axle badly fitted and more than a little rotten.






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This is pretty much how it sits now, just scattered a bit further around the corners of the garden.


Fast forward to last week, I re-sited my jmr tube bender to a more central place in the workshop, only to find i couldn't swing the tubes where i wanted because some untidy t*t had left a 300 tdi block in the way:rolleyes:


I very nearly just moved it untill i had the brain wave to assemble it and use up all the piles and boxes of bits.

The block itself is out of a 1994 disco that i had bought with the head allready removed and no.3 piston partially siezed and melted. it's been bored to 0.10 and decked by i think 0.05.

I used a set of oil way brushes on the block and crank and retapped every hole in the

block to aid reassembly.

New pistons and rings fitted, the crank is out of another 300 that had suffered a similar fate this was mic'ed up and left at standard size.


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The jeeps not finished, its still as i left it in it's thread, i just couldn't carry on with the tube work until i moved the engine block for the volvo.

This is not going to be a quick build, I'm hoping to get it in the workshop for June, and then I have a fair amount of sheet metal work to do on the cab.

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going to be a nice and nimble little truck, although I've always found these quite ugly, they are definitely capable little machines. Too bad about the axles though they are pretty stout, here in Scandinavia alot of them has been swapped into Series LR's back in the day. AFAIK they are Dana 44's? Maybe this is what has happened here as well?

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Blimey, this has been buried in your garden nearly as long as Richard III.

Worringly there are projects further in the weeds even than this one!!!

Sorry to say, but this looks quite a 'cute' little truck :)

What's the unladen weight like?

I think so too, it's very very small, stock wheelbase was 80" i think

unladen weight? cab is a 2 man lift so is the chassis with springs on it????

Thats brilliant! I'll swap you it for a scrap yard range rover once you've finished it.

Sorry Al, there won't be many rangies worthy when it's done :SVA go away:

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I think so too, it's very very small, stock wheelbase was 80" i think

unladen weight? cab is a 2 man lift so is the chassis with springs on it????

Cool truck, nice size load bed being FC, look forward to seing what you end up with, with all the DD details specifically.

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I haven't any pics of the engine i've used, but here's about the worst one i've had.



that's nothing, dodgy head is all now take a look at this!!!



Proper killed that one!!! I am still waiting for the lad who owns it to send it to me as I want to make a coffee table from it! Very industrial don't you think?

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Engine is nearly back together now,


I've made some blanks for the vac pump and lift pump holes, as i'm going for a electric lift pump and a alternator driven vac pump.


In an effort to get the front of the engine a little narrower i'm clocking the injection pump around, the timing chest is allready pilot drilled for the second position for the pump they just need drilling out and tapping.


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  • 9 months later...

Well we're back on with it :D

A little later than we hoped, but it's finally made it into the workshop, we've been clearing out the work shop and refitting it as well.

Chassis in and on tressels, time to scratch heads and make plans.


Then as usual for us we cut the chassis in half! and had a trial fit of the 300tdi



Then we tried the cab on and ran into some problems, the 300 is really wide at the front of the engine, the only way to get it in without encroaching into the allready limited internal size was to mount it much lower in the chassis than we wanted.


So we offered up option B, this is a much better fit but the lt85 behind the 4bd1t is going to make for gearchange headaches


That's all for now, as we are preping the cab ready to go for soda blasting this weekend.

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Looks like you may have to trim the arches a little to get those tyres in ;)

That reminds me - I gotta bit of paper here for you ^_^

We only used the 38" for mockup we will be using the 35" AT2's off my patrol, they fit quite a bit better :D

Yes please on the paper :wub:

This is really a very personal opinion, but one of the big attractions of the 202 was small size and light weight, from the start it would be a pity to go too large??

Your opinion is most welcome, the small size and light weight of the standard 202 are very attractive features,

But, our 202 came with landrover series axles, no gearbox or transfer box, a seized b20 engine and a very rotton body, so we didn't really have much of the nice original features left!

So we are really just recycling the body and chassis with decent available running gear.

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