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Want to paint my Landy. I'm female so really need simple terms use

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I have a Landy 90. Want to paint it Matte but I want a lilac paint :/ Any idea's?

I guess I grind paint down first. 240/400 grind? Then people have said about primer/etcher but I haven't got a clue. (only if I go down to metal?)

So really, I'm looking to roller the paint on then use a paintbrush for the smaller parts.

Any help would be appreciated. Speak simply, I'm naturally blonde...(lilac at the moment) :)

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Welcome to the forum!

Find your local paint supplier and get their advice, all paints are different, all have different primers, all like different application methods. I wouldn't want to take it back to Aluminium, a factory paint will give by far the best start.

Bat your eyelashes at the supplier, it might help!

I've never used a roller to paint anything, I like compressors and paint guns but that's just me. There was an article in land rover owner recently about rollering on paint, it might be worth a look.

Remove trim/panels to get under it rather than paint up to it.



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You'll only need etch if you go to bare metal - you can get it in aerosol cans from places like Halfords or proper automotive paint suppliers.

You need to choose your paint system - basically cellulose, 2 pack or synthetic, or household paint.

Cellulose is unsuitable as it dries so quickly that it pulls bristles from brushes and won't roll. It also dissolves many things and may cause reactions with what's already there.

twin pack is nasty stuff and should be used with breathing apparatus - many have used a suitable mask with gas filters and lived to tell the tale.

Synthetic brushes nicely , thins with white spirit, is cheap and shines well (could be flattened). Slow to dry which can cause runs. Very like household paint.

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I bought a tin of coach paint from Turners Trade Paints (think they're in Cannock, but they do mail order) and slapped it on with a roller/brush.

Result was OK. Not exactly a show finish, but it looks good from a distance ;)


At the L2B run a couple of years ago (please excuse awful body alignment!):


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Okay this all sounds good. I am aware that if i want a gloss finish, the best thing to do would be spray but i'm pretty skint and not a dab hand with a sprayer - whereas rolling - how hard can it be :s

I'd love to go a matt colour lilac - I have only seen one other purple Landy in gloss - but i think matt will look the tits.

I'll get my partner to take off all the trims - it helps that he is a Landrover mechanic and such :)!

Gunna try find some paint tomorrow so will let you guys know! Ta

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Have a look at Tekaloid. It's a truck/ tractor paint made for brushing. I used to use it when working.

Finish by brushing vertically. You could put a fan heater in the car. It helps with the finish and drying. You might hve to warm the paint this weater. A pan of hot water does the job


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