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RRC94 Vogue - fuel system breather/ canister near filler cap


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Further to my fuel flap actuator saga, now resolved, I have had a tapping vibration sound from the back of the vehicle, which I put down to a pressure relief valve for the fuel tank/ system.

I think I may have found the culprit, when accessing the fuel flap actuator, fixed to the access panel on the inner skin of the body is a canister connected to a rubber tube coming up from the fuel tank. It is cone shaped meta/l bodied, mounted so the inlet pipe is at the bottom. The top of the canister has 5-10mm holes around the circumference. Inside this part of the canister is what appears to be a foam disc. Topping the caniater is a rubber lid , quite stiff after all these years so haven't tried to open it as yet,yes I have see below!

When I start the car and hold it I can feel it vibrating.

On the russian parts list this is not shown and the access panel is square rather than the panel shape in the diagram


I can't find it in my RAVE workshop manual, although this should cover up to 1995. I wonder if it was fitted to American models?

The only thing near this I can find is NTC7567, item 904 on the russian parts list, but from this and other drawings appears to be an in-line vapour separator.

Looking for a part number, I found the cover was loose enough and took it off. there is a circular foam disc about 30mm long. It is drying

going on brittle. Below is a fibre disc I couldn't remve but when I start the engine there is definitely a valve and it is vibrating

/rattling. If I push down lightly on the foam disc after reinserting if stops the rattling. So perhaps I need a bigger bit of foam in it, perhaps the original has shrunk. The only identifying marks on the canister is some straight lines ending in a capital A with a parallel line down the right hand part of the A


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