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Lifted suspension help


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I have an rrc that is lifted with +2" bearmach soft springs (rear is very soft) and +2" procomp shocks.

All was hunky dory until I bobtailed it and removed a lot of the unnecessaries out the rear. The rear is now sat about 1.5" higher than the front so I want to level it up but I'm getting a bit confused.

The rear is now higher so although the rear suspension will still have the same flex overall, relative to the vehicle it's going to have more up than down. So I was planning to change the rear shocks for +5" but do I need raised shock mounts? If its effectively now got a 3.5" lift then I raise the shock mounts by 2" am I ending up with 0.5" less drop :/. Or do I need the +2" to stop the shocks bottoming out on up travel?

Now the front, I see gwyn Lewis does spring spacers that would level it up but they leave the shocks in the original place so again if I have 3.5" lift will the +5" shocks fit or will I need extended shock towers for the same reason as above? Confused!

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Hey, just doing a similar thing with my disco, im traybacking it.

The +2 springs have a higher spring rate over standard springs, so they sit higher and will require more presure to compress them fully.

As you and I have less weight you will need a softer (lower rate) spring to sit at an even hight so you have a good amount of travel up and down.

As for the Shocks, the +5's are about 2.5 inches longer when closed so idealy you want a mount that is higher by 2.5 inches so the dont bottom out.

Also just a note. As you have less weight and should have softer springs the shocks should also have a lower damping rate, but thats not easy/cheap and not 100% how much its going to affect it.

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Personally I would go with the +5" shocks and the raised mounts (required for the shocks,) and then fit some lower rate springs on the back, you'll probably find that with all that weight gone and high rate springs, you won't get the flex you want as there's not enough weights to squash the springs into submission!

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I appreciate what your saying about the springs but im going to give them a try, they are the offroad springs at 133lbs as opposed to the heavy duty one at 295lbs and they are very soft, if you drive at 15mph along a lane with 4 people in it used to rub they tyres on the rear doors. I assume that's why it's lifted so much as ive taken weight off as they must be relatively long to get the correct height at standard weight?

Think I will try the shocks and mounts and see what happens!

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So had a poke about today, not too bad!

Front axle weight is 1150kg, the rear at 875kg. Seems to flex ok at the back, the tyres hit the inner arch about an inch before the axle hits the bump stop and the shock bottoms out. Maybe because its sat higher it's getting more of an angle on the axle?

Either way the main thing I want to achieve is to pick the front end up to level it out so I'm going to stick some spring spacers on the front, maybe longer shocks too, still undecided.

Anyway here it is work in progress







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Quick question, I'd rather have longer springs at the front than spacers if I can find some so i've been searching a few websites for different combinations but most seem to be the same length as mine but at a much higher rate which might be counter productive, however I currently have the following;

Weight on front axle 1150kg (including axle)

Front springs BA2256, rate 135lbs, height 440mm, wire 15mm

Rear springs BA2257, rate 150lbs, height 459mm, wire 15mm

So what if I got another set of rears for the front? They are 20mm longer and a slightly higher rate so if I've calculated correctly I think I could get an extra 45mm. What do you think?

Other best fit option is;

BA2107, rate 196lbs, height 413mm, giving about an extra 45mm - can't be better than longer softer springs?

BA2255, rate 208lbs, height 440mm, giving about an extra 80mm - Got to be too high and too stiff!


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Cheeky! If you must know I did jetwash it before i started the bobtail, if I didn't my cutting disk wouldn't have been big enough to reach the metal through the mud!

Hmmm, interesting, I think it would give about the same lift as the ba2257 but at a slightly higher poundage... And half the cost!

Decisions decisions!

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Thanks for the info. Got the fuel tank plumbed in last night and got the engine running again - even if I did get a face full of petrol in the process :/

Plan is rebuild the front axle (haven't touched it in 3 years so might as well give it a fettle whilst it needs a diff) then put one of the rear springs on the front and see how it sits then make a decision based on the findings :)

Cheers all :)

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Ide go for as soft as possible without losing ride hight, just make sure you get a suitible bump stop and shock mounts so the the shocks dont bottom out. I would have thought you want to be sitting about half way on the spring travel so you get good articulation? why do you want more hight? is it for wheel clearance, if so body lift would be best as it does not compromise the suspension setup.

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I want more height so that the front matches the back as I've taken weight off the back and it's raised. Of course I could lower the back but I figure I've bellied out loads and rolled it no times so I might as well go up.

I've never been a fan of body lifts just for tyre clearance, on my last offroader I cut out the inner arches, moved them up 5" and welded them back in :) body lifting this would be a pain as I would have to alter roll cage, sliders, bumpers and I'm too lazy for that :D

Thanks for the advice :)


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Arch lift does sound like a better option - good thinking!

Just be careful when you go for a higher spring rate on the front to match the back's height, your not moving from an even balance of extension and compression - to a lot of compression and not much extension..

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