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Wiper problem with wash/wipe function.

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Can't work out this problem - any ideas?

1993 200TDi 90 hardtop. The front screenwash pump and 5 cycle wipe will not function when the stalk button is depressed, it all appears dead.

However when the screenwash pump motor is unplugged, the wiper system works fine and runs through its 5 wipe cycle. Putting a multimeter between the pump connector when disconnected shows 12V through the wiring system when the button is pressed. The earth is also good. The screenwash pump itself works fine when connected to 12v battery and also when swapped to the rear system. As soon as the front pump connector is connected to a pump the stalk button function does not operate (normal wiper motor functions up down on the stalk are unaffected) The rear screenwash pump which is on the same wiring to the pump operates fine at all times.

I've tried a couple of pumps and column stalks. The wiring all appears good, no- one has ever messed with the wiring on the vehicle it is all as it left the factory. All connectors are clean. I havent tried changing the red AMR3841 unit as I havn't got another to try it with.

Anyone any ideas on why it is not doing as it should!

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