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300 turbo onto 200tdi

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I've put a 300 turbo, inlet and exhaust manifold, intercooler and radiator on to the 200 tdi in my Defender 90.

Just wondering if it will run ok, inlet is a little bigger but apart from that, wat will the boost be like?

The same, less or more and will it affect the fueling.

Reason I did it is because I swapped from 200 to 300 engines then back to 200 and the 300 had a new turbo so didn't want to waste it :)

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Thanks for the tips, if boost is higher then will the pump react to this across the rev range, because its geting more pressure to the giggling pin in the whatsit on the pump.

Part throttle should be ok and the inlet is bigger to accept the increase in boost so I think I will run it and see how it goes ;)

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