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Hi All.

I've been working on this project for a couple of years now and thought it was far to plain to write about, but last week-end someone convinced me to do a writeup - here we go !

The project is a 100" Light Weight - chassis and drivinggear from a RRC and some of the bodypanels from a Light Weight. Well they are getting fewer and fewer along the time spend on the build ;-)

Originally I intended to convert a Std. Light Weight to racespec. (yes you read that right) My inspiration came from The Kitten http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=22150&hl= the kitten&page=1

Which I had the pleasure of driving a couple of times and this felt rather nice. Eventhough it broke easily.

Bought a Light Weight and started planing and discovered that I had to upgrade and fabricate quite a few things before getting it to what I wanted it to be. Me being a Carpenter and have never worked on cars in this way got a little scared.

Luckily I learned the I was able to change the body on an old RRC to a Light Weight an still have it MOT'ed - now this seemed much easier ! ( Somebody would learn otherwise later on)

Std. Light Weight sold, disassembeled LIght Weight bought and RRC as well and we're ready to rock and roll !

RRDDLW = parts from the following cars.

Range Rover, Discovery, Defender and Light Weight.

The plan as I started.

Chassis - RRC

Rollinggear - RRC

Engine - 200 TDI Chargecooled.

Gearbox - LT77 and LT230

Winch - Hydraulic, Leccy or mech. Koenig

Cage - Homemade 6-point, UPS havent got bender nor welder.

The Build:

After stripping the RRC from all of the bodywork I started cutting of all of the exces material/brackets in ordre to loose some weight, which is one of the keywords in this build.

After a lot of meassuring I decided that I would have the Torpedo, bonnet and wings placed according to the front wheel in ordre to keep the std. LW-apperence.

As the rearwheels on the std. LW is placed forwardly in the wheelarches, then I was able to place the wheels further backwards on my build and gaining some of the 12" longer wheelbase.

The rest of the ekstra lenght will be found in the "custom made" doors, which will be app. 4" longer and leave room in the cap for a propper man !

I'll leave you with a picture of my rearaxle with a Gwyn Lewis diffpan being fitted.


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Dan - you are right about the engine, but I do believe that I wrote that this was the plan when the build started :P.

I'll start by shoving some photos of the rearaxle whit the Gwyn Lewis diffpan all welded up and a "bumper" for the brakepipe to be mounted on.


To begin with I was planning for a 200 TDI and a shortbell. LT77. Therefore I started placing this engine and gearbox as close to the bulkhead as possible in ordre of getting a better weightbalance and gaining as much room in front og the engine as possible as I hadnt decided on what whinch to use - was dreaming of Hydro.


This was what we ended up with. Now enginemounts gearbox mounts, exhaust and cowling and mountingbraket for the radiator was made.

By now I have had the 200TDI, gearbox, exhaust, radiator, cowling done and finished. The bulkhead has been modified, gearboxtunnel made and mounting for chargecooler and the radiator for this has also been made.

What happened was that every time that I talked to people about my build I kept thinking about why I didnt use a V8 ? I love a V8, but have choosen the TDI for better mileage - but I started wondering and I changed my plan ! This car is to be use for playing hence not doing that many miles per year. The lower mileage will not make that big a difference and I would be smiling a lot more !

That I had a couple of 3.9 around made it an easier choise.

Was thinking of going auto but couldnt get much possitive feedback about using the autobox and mech. whinches together, so that and the autobox being to advanced for me made me go for a manual box instead.

New plan (For Dan)

Rover 3.9 V8 V-belt (would love a serp. but cant find one here)

R380 gearbox, have one, but it needs the mainshaft changed, so might use a LT77 in the begining, this will have me driving earlyer and this I mis ! Afterwards I'll fix the R380 and change it over.



Couple of pics of the bulkhead and the radiator for the chargecooler in place. This would have doubled as a heater for the passengers footweel.

Please keep the comment comeing.

I know that this might be a little confuseing, but its a while ago that I did some of this stuff.

I will try and tell about my thoughts and reasens for my choises as I go along.


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Cough cough dusty cough cough....

I'm back and it's time to continue this.

The last 18 months havs been a little busy and not much has happened with the car.

I've been hung up on my carpenter-company, building cages, challengewings and crossmembers for others. A 100" Defenderprojejkt has also gotten some attention. Moving garage and being submitted to the hospital three times (Once in Exeter of all places) doesnt speed up the proces either.

Remember the altered Light Weight bulkhead I made for the 200 TDI ? (If not, look above)

Well as I went for V8 instead, among other things, ment I had to reconstruct the bulkhead.

I ended up going another route and build som bars into the cage and made my own alifootwells, which will be bolted to this frame.


And the footwell.


And from another angle.


And some of the detail close to the exhaustmanifol.


Most of the footwells are made of a ordinary soft ali, but the part behind the pedals and facing the wheel is made of 6083 in 2 mm. to withstand stones and othe stuff being thrown by the tyres.

To be continued in the not to distinct future.


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The downpipes and exhaust is now done. As I have the winchwire going alongside the right chassisrail. Then I have routed the right bank below the engine, where the axle normally lives. Made a heatshield to minimize the heat towards the sump.

I do know that the flow isnt of best but it will do for now. Maybe sometime in the future I make like TWR or Bowler.


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Bracket for centerwinch done and the fairlead as well.

The fairlead is for lifting the robe above the rad.

To start with the fairlead was just a bend tube, 45x2,5mm. Thought it was to weak and then welded some 3 mm. band in the bottom of the U and some solid bar beside it.

Then spend quite som time with the grinder to shape it. Not sure Im happy yet - what do you think, is it strong enough ?


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