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High range gear keeps jumping out.


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(1972 series 3) Gearbox suffix A

I have just had the gearbox out to replace the layshaft bearings. I Split the gear box from the, transfer box, bell housing and removed the layshaft to replace the fore and aft bearings. Re assembled with new gaskets etc and reinstalled. All good so far.

Gearbox nice and tight, can select all gears fine. However when I engage high range it now keeps jumping out into neutral. Low range is fine with no problems.

The strange thing is that I didn't touch the transfer box other than removing transfer gear to detach the gearbox and then to reassemble the whole gearbox.

High / low ratio was perfectly selectable before and all components have been reinstalled as they were before.

Thanks for any help...

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Have a look at the boot at the base of the transfer lever - there isn't much travel on the lever into the high position and anything in the way can cause problems.

Is the lever on the right way? It can take a bit of fiddling if the bottom brackets have been disturbed. If the pivot is a bolt, does it need spacing or replacing with a bigger one?

Are the selector rods themselves free? They can get dirty/rusty and the cover over them above the front output shaft flange can fill with dirt. Removing this, digging out the dirt and cleaning and polishing everything can help. This is more likely to interfere with 4WD High.

This is one of the more reliable parts of a Land Rover!

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It's usually due to the red lever's rubber boot. Dirt inside the cover plate with the tubular fingers can cause trouble just like Jeremy said. The other causes are a misaligned selector shaft, set such that the detent groove is not pointing straight up so the ball won't engage properly in it, a weak detent spring (under the brass plug on the low side of the top of the case) or a very worn high range gear on the output shaft that is failing to grip the splines in its hub.

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Having the same problem with a newly rebuilt gearbox by a very (probably most experienced) Series restorer.  I don't have the rubber boot attached so that isnt it.  It happens when the gearbox is in third and under a load but it doesn't pop out of 3rd like with bad synchro's it pops out of high range.  Can I check the detent ball for the Tbox without too much dissembling?

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