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no battery lights when ignition on/off

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been offroading today, washed defender 200tdi on way home and when i get home turned LR off.

went out to start it a while back and no battery lights at all, would also not fire, just clicking.

used booster pack on it and it fired straight away.

any ideas?

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checked terminals and seem to be fine, gunna do tests on battery and earths in morning. will keep you posted.

what is the exciter circuit exactly?

Its the circuit that excites the alternator...

Its the circuit that the "warning" light is on, it provides the Alternator with the power it requires to generate... Once its generating power it self sustaines and the light goes out.

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Strangely I've just had the same fault, it's either diodes or voltage regulator that's gone pop. Mine happened after driving through a flood, changed alternator (could not repair it as tie bolts rounded off) all working ok now and battery does not flatten.

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my alternator has been replaced but drove through large swamp after, now in a morning only on cold start, its starts fine but light flashes for a while then goes off. could this be caused by sludge in the alternator/engine bay?

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