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Steering guards/sump guards

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I like the look of the guards you get on Defenders. Not that I'm (yet) a hard core offroader. If I buy a "steering guard" is this the same as a sump guard? Do they cover both?

Would it be cost effective to make my own - they just look like bent metal (of course I'd have to buy a bender...) bender.gif

Are there any patterns available for these? Where do they normally bolt to? Will I get lynched by the off-road brigade?

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For the cost of a basic one it is probably not worth making one as they are available everywhere. Rebel 4x4 probably do about the cheapest I think.

The terms are usually interchangeable but the term "sump guard" is a bit misleading as they mainly protect the steering, and then only the front bit (draglink) you don't get any protection for the rear bit (track rod) to do this you need to get one of the axle guards that is available, which usually encloses the track rod. Most people don't bother with these as they reduce the under axle clearance, and either leave it as is (which is what I do) or fit an uprated track rod e.g. a Dan Bar or Sumo Bar.

If you are getting a steering guard then also get a front diff guard as its a lot closer to all those big rocks. It's remarkable how many people you see with a steering guard and a completely unprotected diff pan...

I've got the full monty on mine for peace of mind; Rebel alloy steering guard, front diff guard from W&H Wheelcarriers (much better than the cheapo ones you can get from other places) rear diff guard from QT and a fuel tank guard which came from Bearmach.

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