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Transfer Box Age


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Recently picked up an LT230 which I initially thought was off a 200tdi era Defender. However, the input gear is of the cross drilled variety which then led me to believe it had been replaced, but further investigation showed the serial number to be a lot newer than 200tdi era: 22D649091G. Ok, 22D means it's Defender, and 649091G means it's about 200000 newer than the changeover to factory fitted cross drilled input gears (461124F) which occured in 1996, but exactly what year is it? 97, 98?

Paul :)

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casting stamps are on some items with a year and a series of dots

to denote month of manufacture IIRC

the G suffic is the latest of the T boxes though

Thanks Tony, that's about what I was suspecting. Somewhere around 1998 then.

It's unlikely to be from a TD5 90, they only sold about a dozen of them over here. :lol:

Still, it was a good deal, a good 200tdi version on an LT77S, the newer than expected LT230T and a complete Defender 200tdi engine with alternator, turbo etc intact but with a siezed bottom end, all delivered to my door for $400. :D

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