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Non starting disco.

Pete Attryde

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Evening all,

I have a 300TDI Auto which has developed a non-starting issue.

Basically what happens is if a I do a longish motorway run (1hr+) or work it quite hard say driving around the roads in the peak district and then park up for a break or at journeys end switch off the engine and then within 15mins have to re-start the engine it wont crank. If I then wait another 10 mins or so it will start fine.

Initially I thought it might be the infamous immobiliser issue's that disco's are known for how ever at the weekend I managed to locate the alarm/immobiliser unit (it's an EDC vehicle so it's not behind the centre of the dash) and took it apart, checked the soldering which all seems good. I am now leaning towards it being the start inhibit switch on the gearbox. I have already removed it cleaned and reinstalled it but the problem persists.

I think that something is getting too warm and was wondering wether anyone else has experienced something similar to this or can think of another possible cause.

Thanks in advance.


P.S can anyone tell me the part number for the inhibit switch?


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Bogmonster is the expert on the spider

your prob still sounds just like the two discos I had with this problem.

the inhibit switch cab be by passed to remove from the equation

I'd look at fitting the unit to do away wwith the spider as seen in the tech archive

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