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Door check strap assembly - removal and repair

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I posted a query the other day about my rear passenger door, but nobody had any suggestions.

I did some browsing on the internet and to my surprise came across an excellent write-up by a Porsche 993 owner http://p-car.com/diy/doorcheck/

These cars appear to have an identical check strap assembly to Freelanders!

I set about the task myself this morning. First the door trim and speaker have to be removed.


Then you can remove the roll-pin at the b-pillar end of the check strap. The roll pin comes out from the top, and you can use a hammer underneath to knock it upwards, or squeeze it out with a pair of molegrips or similar.


This then allows the door to open far enough to access the two 10mm bolts holding the check strap to the door. The hinges hold the door and prevent it from swinging further than 90 degrees and damaging bodywork, but I would imagine in a high wind you would have to take extreme care.

The check strap assembly can be extracted by putting your hand in through the loudspeaker hole.

The assembly is dismantled simply by bending the 4 tabs. The mechanism comprises two steel rollers held in a plastic cage, with a rubber buffer at top and bottom to squeeze the rollers together. These two rollers squeeze the check strap and (a) stop the door opening too quickly and (b) provide a detente position when the door is half way open.


It was obvious from mine that not one drop of oil or grease had ever made its way inside - it was rusty and dried up and, worse, the plastic cage holding the rollers had broken in several places - and the check strap was being held far too tightly.

After cleaning everything up and greasing it I found that one of the rollers could not be put back due to the damage to the plastic cage, but in fact by leaving that roller out the mechanism worked much better. The check strap is now held beween a roller at the bottom and the rubber buffer at the top.

I put it back on the car and lo and behold a perfect opening and shutting passenger door! The half way detente is a bit weak, but I think it's acceptable.

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