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Clutch Questions

Martyn Culling

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Not for me - mine's a Defender.

But colleague has a 2002 TD4 that had to have the clutch replaced, owing to the failure of the thrust bearing. All now done, but clutch is hard to engage at idle and transitions from 1 to 2nd to 3rd and down. My dosh is on it being the hydraulics not being properly bled.

Are there any adjustable bits? I'd have though not, modern cars don't usually.

ta, Martyn

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The hydrolics on a freelander are not bleedable its all sealed if air gets in (which unless damaged it can't) all you can do is replace it. Two parts the master and the slave as the other half they just have a sealed push fit connector between the two. If its stiff the garage have cocked it up.

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