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tax exempt?


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thats the link for the reg on my landy but would it be tax exempt as dvla says

Old vehicles constructed before 1 January 1973 (historic vehicles)

All vehicles except buses and lorries used commercially, that were constructed before 1 January 1973 may tax in the 'historic vehicle' tax class.

basically if the link doesnt work mine was registered on 1/3/73 and the cut off for building was 1/1/73 so wouldnt that make mine tax exempt as it would have had to be made before it was registered?

cheers guys its really confusing me

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if you can provide written evidence to the effect it was built before the cut-off date, then I would think DVLA would honour it, even they can't argue against wriiten proof, IIRC contact the traceability dept at Gaydon, heritage museum.

http://www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk/sec...hive_index.html ://http://www.heritage-motor-centre.co...index.html click on the certificate link on the upper right & in the list is Land Rovers all models upto 1989, might even see if I can get on for my 1989 110.

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Got a mate, with a old 144 Volvo, first reg aprox 20 jan 1973, !! so you would have thought it would be ok with historic tax !! wrote to volvo sweden, for a letter to confirm date of manuafacture, cam back as around 5 th jan 73,,

If your's was reg march 73, i would not hold you breath !! :(

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Found this a couple of yrs ago my old landy was registered feb 73 but the parts were made in 72 so sent of the ££££'s for the certificate, took it to dvla n re-registered it as historic.


Archive Department

Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick, England, CV35 0BJ

tel: 44 (0)1926 645076, fax: 44 (0)1926 641555, www.heritage.org.uk


The Archive of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust preserves the surviving records of some of the most famous names in British motoring history. We now offer the proud classic car owner a Heritage Certificate which is a certified copy of the entry against your chassis number in the authentic factory ledgers. You will discover the original numbers and colour scheme, dates of build and despatch, and even, where available, the details of factory fitted equipment. The fee is £28.


We have many records which are not detailed enough for BMIHT to provide a full Heritage Certificate. Some owners in any case only require confirmation of the date that the vehicle was manufactured in order to qualify for tax exemption. In these cases we are able to provide a ‘Confirmation of Date of Manufacture’ Letter, which will certify the date and place of manufacture. The fee is £15.


(all models except where stated otherwise)

Certificates and Letters Letters Only

ASTON MARTIN 1948-85 (see special offers below) MINI & MINI COOPER (to 1990)

AUSTIN 1945-69 METRO/ROVER 100 (to 1990)

AUSTIN-HEALEY 1953-71 (not Warwick built or 100S models) MAESTRO (to 1990)

LAGONDA 1948-85 MONTEGO (to 1990)

LAND ROVER 1948-89 ROVER 200 (to 1989)

METROPOLITAN 1953-61 (including Nash, Hudson, Austin) MORRIS MARINA


MG 1953-80, 1992-94 (not TC, TD, YA/YT/YB) PRINCESS

MORRIS 1928-71 (not Morris Commercial) AMBASSADOR


RILEY 1953-69 (not 1.5 & 2.5 litre) MAXI

ROVER 1945-86 1800/2200

STANDARD 1945-63 (including light commercials)

TRIUMPH 1946-84


WOLSELEY 1901-30 & 1949-75

To order simply fill in the attached form and payment details and let us do the rest. You can send it to us by post or fax. You can also order the Certificate online by visiting our website (though please note this is not a secure server).


1. Research is carried out on the basis of a chassis number supplied by the enquirer. No liability can be accepted where an incorrect number has been quoted even if this leads to an incorrect car being researched.

2. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the correctness of information supplied, neither BMIHT nor any of its associated Trusts or Companies will be held liable for any errors or omissions or the consequences thereof.

3. A Production Record Trace Certificate in itself does not constitute verification of the present condition or actual identity of a particular vehicle.

4. We reserve the right to demand proof of ownership of a vehicle before issuing a Certificate.

5. If for any reason we are unable to research your vehicle your fee will be returned.

6. We reserve the right to adjust the US$/Euro charge in the event of severe fluctuations in the exchange rate.

We receive many requests so it is not possible to acknowledge individual Emails, faxes or letters. It also takes time to research your enquiry so please allow 28 days for delivery.

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Got a mate, with a old 144 Volvo, first reg aprox 20 jan 1973, !! so you would have thought it would be ok with historic tax !! wrote to volvo sweden, for a letter to confirm date of manuafacture, cam back as around 5 th jan 73,,

If your's was reg march 73, i would not hold you breath !! :(

who know? you hear stories Land Rovers standing many months, somethimes years before being registered.

worth a try.

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well guys its all good, been on the fone to dvla they told me ring main dealer so ive done that and mine was built 12/12/1972 23 days before the tax exempt came in!

GET IN!! WELL CHUFFED 2.2 litre landy for £98 fully comp, free tax! well if it fails on like £500 worth of stuff its worth fixing, going check the chassis first for holes and weld it up and waxoil it with the thickest waxoil i can find, also a good friend who i gave a perkings deisel engine to lastnight told me hes breaking a s3 so i should be able use most of the bits to test mine and itll be free because of the engine trade!

should be on the road but prob have ****e body in a couple of weeks so all is good and nothing a lick of paint wont fix, not sure what colours to go, army camo (green/black) or camel trophy yellow? any ideas?

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