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Has anyone done this?


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I've bought a Td 5 intercooler to go into my 200 tdi discovery and wondered if anyone else has done this conversion, how they did it, what pipework you needed and where you bought it from?

Basically any ideas, suggestions and advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Nathan

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I checked the measurements before buying one and this was the information I got ,THEY ARE 24 INCH CORE 29 INCH OVER ALL ,9.5 INCH HIGH 2 INCH DEEP WITH 50mm OUTLETS.

Quick calculations are

STANDARD IC total size (width x depth x height) 221.61 inches

TD5 IC total size (width x depth x height) 456.00 inches

STANDARD IC frontal area (width x height) 80.58 inches

TD5 IC frontal area (width x height) 228.00 inches

cheers nathan

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sounds nearly as large as the aftermarket one ive got. id say go for it & bodge the pipes up somehow.

i fitted the new intercooler in the only place it would go & then sorted the pipes out. i dont know how well the inlet/outlet line up compared to the normal intercooler. all i had to do was slice the original pipes in half & insert bits of 2" zorst pipe to extend their length.

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Ok done it :D


Theres a few pics here showing the cutting involved, the top fixing points and the use of all the original pipework being used.

Total time for conversion about 4.5 hours

Parts required=intercooler, 2x 90 degree silicone bends cut down, small lengths of 2" stainless steel tube and 11mm tube and a few jubilee clips.

Tools required=angle grinder, hacksaw, screwdriver, tape measure, welder, 13mm spanner or socket.


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Nathan, your image link is broken (missing the opening img tag and and extra closing url tag) - you also can't use an image URL with no extension, it has to be .gif, .jpg or (I think) .png

Had a look to see if I could fix it for you, but unfortunately the image is also on a site you have to log in to so we wouldn't be able to see it anyway!

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Thanks Geoff.

Waveydavey, I was expecting only 3-5 bhp more so the ic alone isnt really gonna make a difference to performance. I have done the ip adjustments though and thats made a big big difference.

I have found that since fitting the ic I havent reached peak boost but have found that the weld on the u-pipe is blowing very slightly so i guess this is where the loss of boost is coming from.

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i found my 200tdi runs about a needles width warmer on the guage with a fullwidth intercooler blocking the rad. however it doesnt get warmer when climbing hills etc so overall i run cooler, at least it never reaches the highest temps it used to reach.

*all answers apply to when the damn thing is working properly

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