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ibex 300 build

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Current plans are 200tdi/lt77 not sure whether it'll be a disco or def box it depends on prop lengths I have all these so choice was easy. Probably rover front and Salisbury rear on fairly standard suspension as again I have these and this truck will be my daily driver. I'm going to build some sort of box on the back use one one of my dashboards and freelander seats. Colour is not yet confirmed this truck will be IVA'ed and is planned to take about a year to build.


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I prefer the looks of ibex 1's to ibex 2's, always liked JJ from frogs islands old one.

Mine is actually a mk7 though I believe mk4's never made it into production as to the differences I won't bore you with the details sorry I'll take the anorak off now. I think I've been reading to much.


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