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Bit of Help Please !!


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Some suggestions would be appreciated,,

Have a friend with a Range Rover,, but no normal one !! :(

A 3 door extended wheelbase/roof etc, she was running a 2.5 diesel manual , now has a 4 lt diesel auto, and the ride height is all over the place, and dives under braking,

She weights in at 2400 kgs, aprox 1160 rear 1240 front, the springs on her at present are red/white l/h front and red r/h front, can not see any markings on the rear, bar for being all blue,

Friend tows a big trailer with 3 horses aboard, so the rear need to be a bit heavier,

What I need is some suggestions, in what springs to fit to all four corners, to give a standard ride height, allowing for the towing she does

Any ideas out there ?? please !!


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Well quick play with the calculator and my suggestion would be stick just some 90 h/d rears on all round. NRC9462 (green/yellow/red) 15.25" 230lbs. It will certainly stiffen it up over the red/whites (170lbs) and I'd expect it to ride level (well slightly nose down) with the front a 1/4" or so lower than its current ride height. If you want something taller then OME764s would be an option but this will give it over an inch of lift all round.

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Thanks guys,, Trev, will ordered some of your suggestions, re NRC9462, and see what that does for her !!

Its certainly a bit of a animal, !! been christened the "talaban wagon" do not know a lot about the history, or who did the conversion , but does go well !!

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